Top 5 Mistakes you need to avoid while Choosing a web hosting provider

All those fresh to the web hosting space get tons of tips and advice when they start considering ways for hosting a new website or even when determining whether they really need a site or should use a website builder. This post will help you avoid the common mistakes when you choose a web hosting provider.

Top 5 Mistakes you need to avoid while Choosing a web hosting provider

Top 5 Mistakes you need to avoid while Choosing a web hosting provider

1. Going for a free hosting service

If you run your own website, a free hosting service might be of service to you. The service has pop-up ads and banners and sites hosted on free services are not those that search engines usually like. There are some good free web hosting services also but it is not what you can easily deal with.

Free hosting services cannot be relied upon when it comes to speed and uptime. And since you haven’t paid a penny for these services, don’t hope for if there is downtime. You can expect minimum support with zero extra features, including free databases. Plus, you take a chance with losing credibility, especially if you are hosting on a domain name like However, some free web hosting providers let you park your domain.

The crux is you normally get what you have paid money for and don’t expect anything if you haven’t paid anything. Also, web hosting doesn’t need to be pricey.

2. Selecting a hosting package with a no-refund guarantee

Some web hosting providers don’t offer a refund guarantee for their basic/initial packages. Opt for such a company that provides a money-back guarantee if you have chosen the unsuitable package.

Some good companies readily pay your money back or change your package as per your needs. At the end of the day, they want to ensure that all of their customers have a great experience with their company.

Many hosting providers offer a refund for their services; however, the duration can vary considerably. Several of them provide anywhere from a month or two with one offering a 90-day money-back guarantee.

3. Selecting a shared hosting package when a VPS is needed

There are two kinds of web hosting packages you can choose from: VPS hosting or shared hosting. Shared hosting is the right choice if you are site is basic. A VPS is meant for websites with high traffic. If you have a basic, small website that grows in the future, you always have a choice of switching to dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. Till then, you should save your money by choosing the shared hosting.

What you need to consider while selecting a VPS or shared plan is your website size as well as the product offerings in the hosting plans. Choose a company that offers plans that can be switched as your business expands. Some limitations on bandwidth and more likely to create problems in the future when your business grows and needs additional resources.

4. Ignoring your limitations

Certain limitations are placed by web hosting providers on items/ features crucial to your business. For example, a limited amount of storage for your site. So, find a provider that can scale your plan as your business expands and help you step up to the next plan. Strict limitations on your plan can cause issues in the future which may appear easy to handle but can greatly impact your site negatively.

So, before you sign up for a package, ask your provider if you are allowed to do the following things:

  • Install any desired WordPress plugin
  • Manage different POP accounts
  • Make use of a shopping cart on your site
  • Schedule a backup
  • Customer support

So, make certain you have read the terms and conditions. However, limitations of file storage are quite common since companies have to implement these to ensure the smooth running of service for all, especially on a shared server as resources cost money.

5. Purchasing based only on price

You can purchase the hosting plan in a couple of ways:

  1. Taking all hosting providers as same, so purchase the low-priced plan.
  2. Assuming all best hosting packages cost more; thus, choose a higher-priced package.

On one hand, it is normal to choose the cheapest plan available. But on the other hand, you might get attracted by some marketing tricks used for up-selling extremely pricey packages. It is the time when you need to see where you are heading with your site and hosting. Decide your site’s future and align it with a plan that will be right for you. Remember price shouldn’t be the only thing to consider in a hosting plan especially when the web hosting market is quite competitive.

Today, special and discount offers are often used to win customers, so avoid paying extra money and look for any special offers available. Note that a cheap package will be suitable for a startup website with limited traffic.

Also, the package price you see in advertisements is monthly. When you reach the checkout page, that price gets multiplied by 12 months, along with VAT. This is actually the general industry practice and many hosts use this kind of advertisement. You can also avail price cuts for longer periods (bi-annual or annual).

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